Digital Resistance Boys NFT

A very important part of The Open Network (TON) and the Internet in general. We develop the TON network and spread the idea of a free Internet. Based on the «Digital Resistance» movement from the founder of TON and Telegram Pavel Durov. Subscribe to our Telegram channel to learn about exclusive promotions.

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About collection

About collection

Digital Resistance Boys is 10,000 quality NFTs, each one is unique. Digital Resistance Boys is thousands of followers, we call them Resistance Boys. Digital Resistance Boys is a symbol of freedom on the Internet.

NFT variations


Each NFT from the Digital Resistance Boys collection can include several characteristics that make it unique.

Our team


Our team is a harmonious mechanism consisting of six first-class specialists, each of them is a master of his craft.


CEO, investor, first-class manager.


Investor, phenomenal marketer.


Lead developer, brilliant programmer.


Project manager, genius of technical tasks.


Talented artist.


Investor, expert, mastermind.